Finding an LGBTQ friendly church during the holidays

Bishop Bonnie Radden says the holiday season can have an adverse effect on anyone suffering from depression, but especially LGBTQ. Photo: Bishop Bonnie Radden

LONG BEACH — The holiday season can have an adverse effect on anyone suffering from depression, but especially those within the LGBTQ community.

The holiday season has a lot of associations with family and togetherness, unfortunately many people in our community have experienced some family loss, whether it’s the loss of relationships or being ostracized or rejected due to sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

The holidays remind us of these changed or strained relationships, and remembering them can worsen the effects of depression and make an individual feel even more isolated.

Also, if LGBTQ people are obligated to spend time with unsupportive family members, a bad situation can become worse and escalate feelings of depression.

To help combat seasonal depression, we need to to spend time around people and organizations that make us feel supported, loved and accepted.

Below are a few LGBTQ-friendly faith-based organizations that can help combat holiday depression.

To find other LGBTQ inclusive churches in Long Beach or your city, visit GayChurch.org.

About the author

Bonnie Radden

Bishop Bonnie Radden is a prominent figure in the 21st century religious movement known as “Radical Inclusivity,” which outreaches to everyone, especially people who have traditionally been marginalized by society, such as same-gender loving people. "Radical Inclusivity" also emphasizes the relationship with spirituality and mental health. Bishop Bonnie serves as Bishop of the West Coast Region for The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries and is the senior pastor-founder of Refiner’s Fire Fellowship United Church of Christ in Long Beach. In 2016, the ministry celebrated it 20th anniversary.

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