‘What Happens at The Abbey’ reality series to debut in May

WEST HOLLYWOOD — The reality series about the shenanigans that take place before, during and after last call at West Hollywood’s The Abbey will debut May 14, E! announced today.

Each episode of the 60-minute “What Happens at The Abbey” will go behind the bar and give viewers an insider look at the lives of employees at the world famous watering hole.

“Managed by owner David Cooley, the staff juggles delivering first-rate service to their VIP guests and celebrities while dealing with relationship drama, diverse sexuality and the pursuit of their own Hollywood dreams,” according to a press release from E!.

In the trailer, melodrama and musical mattresses seem to take the spotlight among the frisky, outrageous and dramatic staff.

The series will air seven episodes.

David Cooley, owner of the world-famous gay bar The Abbey, presides over a cast of outrageous employees. Their exploits will take center stage on the reality series “What Happens at The Abbey.” Photo: Dog and A Duck.

Here, thanks to E! descriptions, are the cast of players:

Billy Reilich, VIP server: The small-town boy from Ohio and resident “muscle boy next door” is also best known as Nick the Gardener from “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“The Abbey is the only place in the world where a lesbian and a straight woman fight to be a gay man’s baby mama.”

Marissa Chykirda, server: The new girl, straight out of Long Island, New York. She’s unintentionally become a player whisperer by taming Kyle.

“Yeah, I’m pissed. Don’t freaking tell me that you are into me and then you go and hook up with another girl in front of me. It’s really disrespectful.”

Kyle Clarke, bartender: The bad boy who has graced the cover of more than 50 fitness magazines and saves women’s numbers in his phone with the pizza emoji.  

“It’s pizza. It’s not going to be the greatest thing you’ve ever eaten, but if you want it, you could probably have it at your house in under 30 minutes.”

Elizabeth Steinle, server: A self-proclaimed gold star lesbian, she’s opinionated, strong and no stranger to conflict.

“It’s not black and white here at The Abbey. It’s very grey, and it’s very messy.”

Kim Senser, bartender: A hopeless romantic who looks for love in all the wrong places. There’s one place she has not yet looked…her lesbian best friend.

“Technically, my psychic told me not to date anyone for three to six months because I tend to gravitate toward douchebags.”

Murray Swanby, VIP host: West Hollywood’s biggest playboy and dating, Cory, another Abbey employee, Murray knows everyone in town and is always the life of the party.

“It’s like the best night of your life, that you will never remember.”  

Cory Zwierzynski, bartender: Sweet, but has a short fuse and feels insecure because his boyfriend, Murray, flirts with other guys — right in front his face.

“I have never had such low self esteem since I started dating this man.”

Brandi Andrews, VIP host: Ultra sassy and intimidating, she’s a lesbian in pursuit to have a child with her co-worker, Lawrence.

“Growing up, I dated girls that looked like boys and boys that looked like girls.”

Lawrence Carroll, VIP host: Ready to start a family with Brandi, he faces the reality of fertility tests, various relationship struggles and the most emotional of them all, revealing to his family that he is ready to become a father.

“We’ve decided to have a baby together. We aren’t pregnant yet, but we’re going to embark on this journey pretty soon.”

Chelsea Jeffers, management trainee: Blurring her personal and professional life, she dreams of becoming a nightclub mogul. Chelsaa governs with sass and her strict high standards.

“Sometimes I think, damn I’d really love to have this girl’s life but then I remember she’s not necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed.”

Daniel Eid, server: The ultimate comic relief, he is the self-proclaimed “best server at The Abbey.” He has a quirky personality and cocky attitude.

“I’m worth a lot of money, so it takes a lot to get this shirt off.”


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