Bi Pride Month to be celebrated with Unicorn pARTy

Bisexual Bi Pride Month

Kai Hazelwood is the producer of Unicorn pARTy, a dance, music, and theater event celebrating people who love more than one gender. Photo: Kai Hazelwood

Visibility is important, especially in a world that doesn’t believe you exist.

I identify as a bi+ (or bisexual) woman, although I use bi+ and queer interchangeably. I have all my queer merit badges; I’m a full queer troupe leader now.

Bi+ woman

I’ve been asked a lot recently why I feel so passionately about bi+ activism. Isn’t it easier to be bi+? Isn’t it just a phase liberal college girls go through before settling down with a guy, or guys go through before they’re ready to come out as gay?

Why identify as bi+? Doesn’t bisexuality only refer to men and women, excluding other genders and trans people? I usually smile and say that those questions are exactly why the work matters.

NFL free agent Ryan Russell comes out as bisexual

Bisexual definition

  • The definition of bisexual varies slightly depending on the speaker, but it’s trans, gender queer, and nonbinary inclusive.
  • Bi+ means a romantic and/or sexual attraction to my own gender and genders different from my own.
  • The attraction is not necessarily at the same time or to the same degree.
  • The attraction is not to men and women exclusively as is commonly believed.

Bisexual visibility

I remember how lonely I used to be marooned on hetero island, and how alienated I felt from the LGBTQ+ spaces I could find.

Even in Los Angeles, bi+ visibility is in short supply; so I wanted to make the kind of party that both my baby queer self would have longed to go to, with the kind of community that I could then only dream of, as well as the party the full-fledged bi+/queer version of me today would be excited about.

Of course we need to march in the streets, lobby for policy changes, and educate people, but building joyful and visible community is a vital political act too, and it’s what Unicorn pARTy is all about.

Unicorn PARTy, an 21+ event, will take place at 5 p.m. September 14 at The Bootleg Theatre

Unicorn pARTy

In honor of Bi Pride month, I’m using my skills as an artist and producer to celebrate my bi+ community with radical joy; to tell our stories, and to make room for bi+ artists to have a platform. Unicorn pARTy will include the premiere of a new dance theatre work I created in collaboration with other performers called inVISIBLE, featuring real bi+ stories from real bi+ people.

Miss Barbie Q

The night also features some fabulous LA based bands like alt-rockers VATTICA, with bi+ frontman (and my partner) Alexander Millar, the stunning voice of the lovely country/pop bi+ artist Cindy Jollotta, and more. The whole night is hosted by my dear friend-love Miss Barbie Q and includes a queer craft market curated by one of my closest framily members (friend family) Kristy Kennedy and her business Queerdo by Kiki.

A rainbow start

Will one pARTy change the world? Of course not. But for just one night I’m going to create the world I want to live in. One where we can celebrate who we are with fellow bi+ folx and allies

alike, one where we can share community resources.

And, #stillbisexual who taught me the power that personal storytelling can have on increasing the visibility of a community.

Unicorn pARTy won’t change the world. But, it’s a small, sparkly, rainbow start.

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