10 LGBTQ horror movies on Revry to watch for Halloween

Looking for some LGBTQ horror and thriller movies to celebrate Halloween or just want a good scare?

Here are 10 queer movies or series that are available on Revry, the LGBTQ streaming network that has the largest catalog of queer content. Revry has has more than 10 horror movies, but this selection is a good start.

These movies will give you goosebumps, make you scream, and give you thrills and chills.

Brides to Be.” Robin and Jenna are getting married. Robin is excited beyond words; Jenna is plagued by panic attacks and struggles to write her vows. But when they arrive at their secluded fairy-tale venue, sinister forces besiege them, threatening to tear them apart.

“Dirty.” Still reeling from past events, Patrick ventures into a laundromat where the lines of reality become blurred.

“Haunters.”  Iggy is a jerk who takes pleasure in other people’s pain and embarrassment. But when Iggy suddenly dies and is sent to her version of purgatory – She gets a taste of her own medicine.

Hippopotamus.” Left alone to caretake a gay nude resort closed for the season, a man finds himself confronted by what he can see — and what he can’t see.

Pitchfork, Gay Horror Movies

Hunter (Brian Raetz) invites his New York friends to his parents’ Michigan farm, where a dangerous creature from Hunter’s past still lurks. “Pitchfork” Pitchfork is a festival award winning horror film and the directorial debut of Emmy award nominee Glenn Douglas Packard. Photo: Revry.

In The Blood.” Murders on campus complicate things for Cassidy when his sister fits the victim profile.

“Kappa Force.” Five sorority crime fighters set out to destroy evil frat scum.

Magic H8 Ball.” Burned by a cheating boyfriend (and some mild chlamydia), a heartbroken pushover turns to a mysterious magic 8 ball for the answers. But as he starts giving into his impulses, he risks his hurt turning into hate-and losing all control.

The Night Is Ours.” In this supernatural queer coming-of-age film about love and death, Morgan is shattered by the sudden death of her best friend, Olivia. But when Olivia mysteriously comes back to life, the two go on a final road trip that takes them beyond friendship into a special place that Morgan learns can’t last forever.

Pitchfork.” After sharing a secret about himself, Hunter brings a group of friends from New York City back to his family farm for a weekend break. They quickly learn that secrets can be deadly as they are stalked by a twisted and disturbed beast called the Pitchfork.

“Stall.” Desperation leads to despair when the night takes an unforeseen dark turn for a man out looking for adventure.

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