‘Single All the Way’ from Netflix is the gay rom-com for the holidays

Reminiscent of a Hallmark Channel holiday flick and directed by Tony winner Michael Mayer, “Single All the Way” on Netflix stars a stacked cast that includes Michael Urie, Philemon Chambers, Luke MacFarlane, Barry Bostwick, Jennifer Robertson, and comedy icons Jennifer Coolidge and Kathy Najimy, telling the story of a gay man named Peter who is “desperate to avoid his family’s judgment about his perpetual single status,” according to the film’s official — and incredibly relatable — description.

Out got the chance to chat with some of the stars of “Single All The Way,” including Michael Urie, Philemon Chambers, Kathy Najimy, and Jennifer Coolidge to chat about queering up a movie genre that is typically super straight, Jennifer Coolidge’s gay icon status, and more.

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“When you’re growing up, when you’re just a kid and you’re just trying to survive, you know, the group of people that you gravitate toward and you choose for yourself, even though it’s not even a conscious choice, it’s like, it was always the gay world,” Coolidge told Out, reflecting on the lover her gay fanbase has for her and getting to bring that to her role as the wacky Aunt Sandy in “Single All the Way.”

“I loved that it actually sort of, you know, comes full circle now that I’m doing a movie where it’s a story being told that it isn’t…there’s no sort of commentary about it on this film about ‘These two guys are gay and can you believe it?? Isn’t this wild??’

“This really isn’t that. It doesn’t comment on that at all. And I sort of feel like that’s how I originated, who I gravitated toward when I was a kid,” Coolidge said. “We’re just making it the norm. And that’s how it should be, you know?”

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Najimy added: “Like Jennifer said, I think we both were attracted to the script that had two gay leads and it was a gay love story, three gay leads actually. And it was a gay love story, and it wasn’t about all the people who hated them or the people who thought that their religion said that you shouldn’t be how you were made. You know what I mean?

“It’s just simply about love, and dating, and comedy. And so I really responded to that a lot.”

“Single All the Way” is streaming on Netflix.

This article originally appeared on Out.com, and is shared here as part of an LGBTQ+ community exchange between Q Voice News and Pride Media.

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