Erasure announces new orchestral CD, ‘World Beyond,’ and world tour

Erasure’s next CD will be an orchestral reworking of the electronic duo’s last studio release, the group said.

Andy Bell and Vince Clarke also announced that Erasure will be embarking on a second leg of last years’ “World Be Gone” tour. Erasure will hit the United States in the summer for the massive world tour, which includes a Los Angeles date Aug. 26 at the Wiltern Theatre. Concert tickets have not gone on sale yet.

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Erasure’s “World Beyond” CD, which will be released March 9, is a collaboration with Echo Collective, the Brussels, Belgium-based ensemble of post-classical musicians, who helped give Erasure’s 2017 release “World Be Gone” an orchestral twist with violins, harps, and cello, and new dimensions to the songs.  Erasure will not be performing with an orchestra on the “World Be Gone” tour.


In a press release Friday announcing the new music and tour, Bell said, “The reinterpretations have brought such enormous context to the songs. It has created a new place for them.”

The collaboration follows 1987’s “The Two Ring Circus,” a companion EP for the band’s second album, “The Circus,” which included several orchestral interpretations.

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Clarke initiated the idea for an orchestral album, which started with the idea of one single and bloomed into a full CD.

“World Beyond” can be pre-ordered.

In the same press statement, Echo Collective’s Neil Leiter  said making the CD involved “deconstruction and re-purposing.”

“We started by listening to each track layer by layer, and then, using the layers that inspired us or we found essential, we reconstructed the tracks instrumentally,” he said.


“By stripping so much away, we were able to find a new space for Andy to fill,” Leiter said. “The text of the songs became much more important in the overall construction of the songs, and Andy was free to explore more dynamics and vocal range.”

Erasure (Andy Bell, left, and Vince Clarke) will release an orchestral reworking of the electronic duo’s last studio release. Photo: Doron Gild.

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