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Q Voice News and its parent company Q Voice Media as well as its advertisers are deeply committed to protecting the privacy of Internet users. Below is information outlining our continued support for the responsible management of consumer information. This policy only governs all Q Voice Media properties, including, but not limited, to Q Voice News works with third party advertising agencies who serve ads to this site. Each of these agencies have their own privacy policies.

Anonymous Consumer Information

During the process of serving an ad to you, Q Voice News and its advertisers do not collect any personally identifiable information such as name, address, phone number, or e-mail address. However, Q Voice News and its advertisers do obtain some types of anonymous information such as the Internet Service Provider used to connect to the Internet, the computer’s IP address, browser type, web pages viewed, country, computer operating system (for example, Macintosh or Windows). The information collected by Q Voice News and its advertisers is used for the purpose of targeting ads and measuring ad effectiveness on behalf of our advertisers.

In some cases, you may voluntarily provide personal information in response to a specific ad (this ad may ask you to fill out a survey or provide your zip code) or when you sign up for the Q Voice News newsletter. If this does occur, Q Voice News or its advertisers may collect this information on behalf of an advertiser. This information is used by an advertiser to respond to your request. In addition, Q Voice News or its advertisers may combine this information with other users’ information and review it in an aggregate form to understand the type of individuals who view a specific type of ad or visit a particular kind of website.

Data Collection

Q Voice News use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when readers visit our Website. These companies may use information (excluding personal information, such as name, address email address, or telephone number) about visits to Q Voice News and other Websites to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to readers. If you would like more information about this practice and to know choices about not having this information used by these companies, visit

Q Voice News or its advertisers, as well as most sites on the Internet, may use “cookies” to enhance your experience on the web. Q Voice News or its advertisers cannot use these cookies to personally identify you in any way.


A “cookie” is a unique number that is provided to you the first time Q Voice News or its advertisers serves you an ad. This unique number, which is stored in a “cookie file” on your computer, helps Q Voice News or its advertisers target ads to you. This “cookie” can help Q Voice News or its advertisers ensure that we don’t serve readers the same ad multiple times, and help our advertisers understand what readers like and don’t like about their offerings so that they can cater better to readers needs the next time they are interested in their products or services. While we believe that “cookies” enhance your Internet experience by limiting the number of times readers see the same ad and delivering more relevant content, they are not required for Q Voice News or its advertisers to deliver an ad.

If anyone does not want the benefit of “cookies,” a simple procedure exists to manually delete them. Please consult your web browser’s Help documentation for more information.

Q Voice News works with third party advertising agencies who serve ads to this site. Each of these agencies have their own privacy policies.

Security Precautions

Q Voice News’ advertising technology partners make significant efforts to maintain the security of its network and the data we collect. They use various technologies, including, in certain instances, encryption, to ensure the high security standards. Any data that is stored is treated as confidential and is not generally available to the public. Our vendors use internal security policies with respect to the confidentiality of customer and other data, limiting access only to those employees who we reasonably believe need to know such information for the purpose of performing their jobs. Please keep in mind, however; that the Internet is not a 100% secure medium. Therefore, although reasonable efforts are used to protect information, the possibility of somebody defeating the security measures does exist.

EU GDPR Guidelines

European Union users understand and consent to the processing of personal information in the United States. Our advertising technology partners have taken the necessary steps to be in compliance with the relevant GDPR guidelines, specifically in terms of data security and user privacy. “Cookies” are set upon ad viewing. “Cookie” data is matched against unique identifiers referred to in the GDPR as “pseudonymized data.” The GDPR explicitly recognizes “pseudonymization” as good practice in protecting the interests of individuals, precisely because this practice makes it difficult, and sometimes impossible, to recognize who users are “in the real world.” All personal data used is pseudonymous data and most vendors also further pseudonymizes personal data collected and used by logically separating and storing pseudonymous identifiers and information (cookie IDs, mobile advertising IDs and IP addresses) separate from other impression-level data.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

The issue of privacy is an evolving one. We are committed to the constant monitoring and examination of its privacy practices, and may, from time to time, institute changes to our Privacy Policy. In the event that any material changes are made to the company’s privacy practices, we will promptly make changes to this privacy policy that discloses the changes.

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