Queer women fandom ClexaCon to host European event

ClexaCon Queer Women

ClexaCon, the largest multi-fandom event for queer women, will host a pop-up event this fall in London. It will feature, among other elements, panel discussion, as seen above during ClexaCon’s 2018 event in Las Vegas. Photo: ClexaCon.

London will get more nerdy and queer this fall when ClexaCon, the largest multi-fandom event for queer women, heads across the pond and hosts a pop-up event, the group announced this week.

The Las Vegas-based ClexaCon’s pushes for more queer female representation in front and behind the camera in the entertainment industry. It’s annual convention, which draws more than 4,000 people, takes place in April.

Ashley Arnold, Danielle Jablonski, and Holly Winebarger, the cofounders and masterminds behind ClexaCon.


“We hope attendees leave ClexaCon London feeling empowered. We want them to know this industry, like all industries, is in desperate need of more diverse voices,” Jablonski said in a statement.

ClexaCon is named after the two iconic lesbian characters, Clarke and Lexa, from The CW’s “The 100.”

ClexaCon London, which will take place November 3 and 4, will feature panels, meet and greets, and workshops from an elite community of LGBTQ game changers, industry tastemakers, media influencers, and actors. They will represent the best in queer television, movies, books, and blogs.

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The European edition will be a smaller, more intimate version of the Las Vegas main event, but still have a large impact on the audience, organizers said.

“Focusing on a more curated experience for its European attendees, ClexaCon London is committed to raising awareness about the differences in creative spaces and support for LGBTQ women in the U.K. in comparison to the US and to inspire more LGBTQ women to create more content,” according to a statement.

Arnold added: “Their voice matters. Pick up a camera, grab a pen, start writing, start creating because there are other people who care about what you have to say.”


Several guests already are scheduled to attend:

Actress-director Elise Bauman and actress-writer Natasha Negovanlis (“Camilla,” “Almost Adults”), actress Briana Venskus (“Supergirl,” “The Walking Dead”), actress Jamie Clayton (“Sense8”), actress Mandahla Rose (“Forever Not Maybe,” “All About E”), producer Hanan Kattan, and novelist-filmmaker Shamim Sarif.


The panels will cover a wide range of timely and trending topics, from women’s voices (“Placing ourselves in the narrative: Queer Women and Fanfiction”) to non-binary & gender conforming people representation (“I have a Que(e)ry: where non-binary and gender non-conforming people fit within gendered, queer spaces”).

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