Chris Kilpatrick resigns from Crescenta Valley Town Council

Chris Kilpatrick Precinct bar

Chris Kilpatrick, far left, and second from right, resigned from the Crescenta Valley Town Council on Thursday, two days after video footage was released that shows him urinating on an employee entrance door at the popular downtown Los Angeles queer bar Precinct. Photos: Precinct.

Chris Kilpatrick resigned from the Crescenta Valley Town Council on Thursday, two days after video footage was released that shows him urinating on an employee entrance door at a popular downtown Los Angeles queer bar.

“Today, Councilmember Chris Kilpatrick tendered his resignation from the Crescenta Valley Town Council. This resignation was accepted effective immediately,” the council posted Thursday afternoon on its Instagram page.

Council ​​President Harry Leon, Vice President Frida Baghdassarian, and Corresponding Secretary Kerri Brautigam signed the letter.

Chris Kilpatrick, Crescenta Valley councilman, identified in Precinct bar video

They are the same three people who posted this statement on the council’s Instagram page on Wednesday.

“The Crescenta Valley Town Council is aware of the social media posts concerning allegations about the conduct of a member and is actively gathering the facts around the incidents. If the incidents are found to be true, such conduct is not fitting for a member of the Council.”

Kilpatrick was elected to the council in 2020.

He has deleted or deactivated his two Instagram accounts.

Kilpatrick is accused of assaulting an employee at the popular downtown Los Angeles queer bar Precinct after he was found publicly urinating outside the venue with another man.

But an attorney for Kilpatrick alleges his client was acting in self-defense, believing he was about to be “gay bashed,” according to Out.

On Tuesday, Precinct shared video footage on its Instagram page of two men urinating at the employee entrance outside the bar.

“Last Saturday night, these two party boys decided to show everyone what not to do at Precinct,” the Instagram post caption reads. “They first left the bar with full cocktail glasses in hand, then decided to go to our employee entrance, whip out their (shrimp emoji) and piss all over it together.”

“When done, they rounded the corner where one of the managers spotted the drinks and tried to take them away; the big one reacted by physically assaulting him, throwing him to the ground.”

The post didn’t name the pair, but commenters identified the taller man as Kilpatrick. 

Kilpatrick couldn’t be reached for comment, but his attorney, John Duran, responded, saying in an email to Out that the “incident is ongoing, and facts are still being gathered.”

Duran said Kilpatrick and his boyfriend were outside Precinct at 2 a.m. when they were approached by two people who did not identify themselves as staff or security from the bar.

“The first individual grabbed my client aggressively asking if he had been at Precinct Bar,” Duran wrote in the email. “My client instinctively pushed back in self defense. It was reasonable for him to believe that they were about to possibly be gay bashed by these 2 individuals.”

Duran also said that “public urination is not a criminal offense,” but only a citation that involves paying a fine.

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