Queer black musicians to shine at Blackoustic in Highland Park

Queer black musicians from alt-goth hip-hop to R&B will be showcased at the inaugural Blackoustic concert n Highland Park later this month.

Singer-songwriter and performance artist Vixen Noir has assembled the musicians for her first Los Angeles gig. She wants to elevate other black queer artists because they are often overlooked by the mainstream music industry, she said.

“As black queer artists, we are rarely acknowledged, seen, or heard in the music and entertainment industries, so it becomes even more important to create our own opportunities to showcase our talent to larger LGBTQ and mainstream audiences,” Vixen Noir said in a statement.

Blackoustic will take place March 31 at Align Gallery.Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door.

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Alt-goth hip-hip artist Jupiter Black and neo-soul R&B singer Jurni Rayne are among the musicians on the lineup at Blackoustic.

Performance artist Alexandria Jean Boddie will be “mastress of ceremonies.”

Describing her music as “alternative pop-dance soul,” Vixen Noir, who appeared on the music scene in 2013, is inspired Nina Simone, Grace Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Queen, The Police, Billie Holiday, Eurythmics, Amy Winehouse, Pink, Rihanna, Alice Smith, and Sia.

Vixen Noir’s performances combine burlesque, striptease, dance, theatre, cabaret, spoken word, and poetry, she said.

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From 1997 – 2006, Vixen Noir was the founder and artistic director of liquidFIRE Productions, a San Francisco-based non-profit group dedicated to the authentic representation of lesbian and queer women of color on stage.

The collaborative project also helped women explore, reclaim, and celebrate their “erotic power” as a viable resource for healing, transformation, and creative empowerment.


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