Jodie Foster puts hand, foot prints in wet cement ceremony

Jodie Foster put her hand and footprints in cement at the famed TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood last week; the event coincided with Foster’s 10th wedding anniversary to wife Alexandra Hedison.

“The person that I have to thank the most, really, is my wife, Alex, who I cannot believe was so generous to give up our 10-year anniversary day to come and do this with me,” the Oscar-winning actress said before placing her hands and feet in the wet cement Friday. “Like, what are you thinking? How come you didn’t say no?

“I love you so much and I’m so grateful for the life we have together,” Foster said to Hedison, who sat in the front row.

The ceremony was part of the 15th TCM Classic Film Festival, which lasted from Thursday to Sunday.

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Foster, 61, was introduced by long-time friend Jamie Lee Curtis, 65, who noted that she and Foster starred in “Freaky Friday,” but the film versions were 27 years apart.

Curtis also revealed some things about Foster that most people don’t know. Foster loves parades and the holidays.

For Christmas, Foster hosts a pageant as the Virgin Mary and goes around her neighborhood with children dressed as shepherds and wise men, Curtis said.

Foster also is a political junkie.

“Before elections, Jodie Foster sends a list of all of her recommendations to all of her friends, and they then in turn send it to their friends,” Curtis continued, “because during an election cycle, Jodie Foster has taken the time and actually has read about all of the candidates and all of their pros and cons and each proposition, as she recognizes that many of us don’t have the time or patience to do that deep dive to understand what it is or who it is we are voting for and how important it is to be informed, and she shares her thoughts and hopes for us as a country.”

People frequently call Curtis and ask if she received Foster’s list, which Curtis then passes on to them, Curtis said.

Foster took off her shoes and stepped on the wet cement in her bare feet.

Foster’s career spans more than 50 years, including two Oscar wins as best actress: 1988’s “The Accused” and 1991’s “The Silence of the Lambs.”

She was nominated last year for best supporting actress in “Nyad.”

Foster is the 11th person to participate in the hand and footprint ceremony as part of the TCM Classic Film Festival

  • Peter O’Toole in 2011
  • Kim Novak in 2012
  • Jane Fonda in 2013
  • Jerry Lewis in 2014
  • Christopher Plummer in 2015
  • Francis Ford Coopla in 2016
  • Rob Reiner in 2017
  • Cicely Tyson in 2018
  • Billy Crystal in 2019
  • Lily Tomlin in 2022

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