10 queer movies on Revry to watch for LGBTQ History Month

Looking for some queer films to watch to celebrate LGBTQ History Month?

Here are 10 queer movies or series that speak to queer history or to history in the making that are available on Revry, the LGBTQ streaming network that has the largest catalog of queer content.

These films are historic and educational and serve as a record of what it means to be queer in this day and age in different parts of the world. Revry has more than 10 queer movies to satisfy LGBTQ History Month, but this selection is a good start.

‘About Face’

As the AIDS epidemic in New York escalated during the 1980s, Thomas Allen Harris, a young, gay black producer, made a series of public television programs focused on people living with HIV who had been ignored by the mainstream media. Despite the program’s success in breaking open the narrative about the AIDS crisis, the pushback Harris received from the channel’s executives and corporate media constraints motivated him to leave public TV. Almost 30 years later, Harris draws from the resurfaced tapes and an essay he’d written at the time, “About Face: The Evolution of a Black Producer.”

‘America in Transition’

“America In Transition” features intimate, real-life transgender stories, including a veteran-turned-activist, a woman living with HIV who also is healing from trauma, and a model navigating family life. “American in Transition” is a Revry Original series.

Revry Queer Movies

‘Marriage Equality’

Thomas Allen Harris’ documentary film, “Marriage Equality: Byron Rushing and the Fight for Fairness,” connects the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s with the contemporary marriage equality movement. The story is told through Massachusetts State Rep. Byron Rushing, a veteran civil rights organizer who challenged religious and political opponents. Rushing saw marriage as a human right.

‘Miss Rosewood’

Miss Rosewood is a self-appointed “transgender-terrorist” on New York’s hardcore performance art scene. She once emptied a condom into Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair. Danish director Helle Jensen captures not only ‘a walk on the wild side’ with Miss Rosewood, but also explores her life backstage, where she goes by the birth name of Jon Cory, and has a family who tries to understand Cory’s persona.


Recounting the stories of famous people, unknown people, and political stakeholders in the United States, France, and Africa, “Passeurs” shows how AIDS impacted their lives. It also looks at the cultural and social history of AIDS as well as some key steps in an unprecedented mobilization against the virus.

‘Room To Grow’

This Revry original docu-series chronicles the lives of LGBTQ youth and their families in North America. The series offers a raw, intimate glimpse into their daily lives as they endeavor to find their identity and a place in their communities.

‘Sao Paulo in Hi-Fi’

A historical documentary about Sao Paulo’s gay nightlife during the 60s, 70s and 80s.


“Strong” puts a human face on violence against LGBTQ people in China.

‘The Queens’

The documentary follows more than two years in the heels of four of the world’s most famous drag queens, including former “RuPaul’s Drag Race” winners Jinkx Monsoon and Sharon Needles and former “RuPaul’s All Stars” champion Alaska Thunderf*ck. From performing across world stages to winning (and losing) “Drag Race” or dealing with major tragedies, “The Queens” lifts the lace front, giving an insight into the art form of drag.

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