Will Wooten, Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, helps prosecute Donald Trump in Georgia case

Will Wooten Fulton County Donald TRump Georgia Case

Will Wooten, center, who is part of the team prosecuting Donald Trump in Georgia, spearheaded the creation of the LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee at the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. Photo: Fulton County District Attorney’s Office

In the pivotal Georgia election interference case against former President Donald Trump, Deputy District Attorney Will Wooten, who joined the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office in January 2021, has been central in addressing complex legal issues.

Wooten is notable not only for his prosecutorial skills, but also for his identity as an out gay man and his advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights.

Who is Will Wooten?

Wooten worked both as a prosecutor and a public defender, according to his bio on the Fulton County website. The attorney previously served as a prosecutor in the Clayton County District Attorney’s Office and the Gwinnett County Solicitor-General’s Office. While at Clayton County, Wooten prosecuted major felony offenses including murder, rape, child molestation, and drug trafficking. During his time in Knoxville, Tenn., Wooten was a public defender for several years. He also has taught at the Emory University School of Law.

Wooten earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Miami and a law degree from Emory.

“In each of his roles, Will has helped coordinate training for new attorneys and interns; introducing them to the criminal justice system and helping them develop courtroom skills,” the website states. “In his spare time, he enjoys Miami Hurricanes football and hiking Georgia’s beautiful mountains and trails.”

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How has he been involved in the case against Trump?

During a court hearing before Judge Scott McAfee this week, Wooten tackled several aspects of the defense’s motions to dismiss charges, arguing that the question of whether the governor’s office and the Georgia secretary of state’s office had jurisdiction over matters associated with presidential electors was indeed an issue of fact. Wooten emphasized the need for evidence and testimony to clarify the duties, authority, and actions of various entities involved in the election process, thereby establishing their relevance and jurisdiction concerning the allegations against Trump.

Furthermore, Wooten addressed the actions allegedly undertaken by Trump and his associates, including submitting false elector certificates. The prosecution argued against the defense’s other assertion that many of the actions charged as crimes were protected political speech.

Wooten is out, proud queer lawyer

Wooten spearheaded the creation of the department’s LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee at the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, the Georgia Voice reported. This initiative started in 2022. It aims to address and improve the legal system’s approach to cases involving LGBTQ+ people. The committee’s establishment was a landmark effort to ensure that hate crimes and other legal issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community in Fulton County are handled with the sensitivity and recognition they require.

He is a member of the Stonewall Bar Association, which is a group of legal workers supporting LGBTQ+ rights.

In June 2021, Wooten took a prominent stand for LGBTQ+ rights and recognition with a speech delivered at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, marking the celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride. In his address, Wooten highlighted the significant contributions of the drag community to the LGBTQ+ rights movement, acknowledging their pivotal role in the fight for equality.

Reflecting on his journey and the broader struggle for LGBTQ+ rights, Wooten shared his experiences of having to conceal his sexual orientation in previous work environments and expressed gratitude for the progress that has allowed him to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights while working with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

This article originally appeared on Advocate.com, and is shared here as part of an LGBTQ+ community exchange between Q Voice News and Equal Pride.

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