‘Arrow’ discloses that Oliver Queen’s son, William Clayton, is gay

Stephen Amell stars as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in The CW series “Arrow.” In last night’s episode “The Longbow Hunters,” Queen son, William, says that he’s gay. The episode is set 20 years in the future. Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW.

Our friends at Cafe con Leche Nerds report that in last night’s episode of “Arrow,” the son of main character Oliver Queen nonchalantly said he’s gay.

Queen is the former billionaire playboy turned vigilante archer and former mayor of Star City. William Clayton is Queen’s son.

InThe Longbow Hunters,” the latest episode of “Arrow,” is set 20 years in the future. During a conversation with Arrow’s vigilante partner, Roy Harper, William mentioned his ex-boyfriend as he discussed the circumstances that led him back to Lian Yu, the island that’s used as a maximum security prison.

Arrow’s son is gay

When Harper asked William if his parents (Felicity and Oliver), just left him, William replied, “Pretty much. And my ex-boyfriend wonders why I have commitment issues.

“Arrow” has had other queer representation. In season two, Black Canary/Sara Lance was introduced as bisexual. She dated both Oliver Queen and Nyssa al Ghul.

The character Mister Terrific/Curtis Holt was introduced as happily married to his husband, Paul.

Other queer characters

The CW also is filled with other queer characters.

“Black Lightning” debuted on The CW last year with TV’s first black, lesbian superhero.

“Supergirl” will feature a transgender superhero, a historic first for TV.

Lesbian superhero “Batwoman” is being developed at the CW as a TV series. If the show is picked up, it would be historic — the first lesbian or gay superhero to headline a live-action series.

Ruby Rose has been cast as Batwoman.

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